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Tablet weaving patterns

We have some interesting archeological tablet weaving finds in Norway from Migration and Viking period - Evebø, Snartemo, Øvre Berge, Oseberg etc. We make analyses, weave replikas, and there is a lot to learn, because these craftspeople were really advanced. From the material we know, we can conclude there must have been a lot more. Can we use our knowledge and skills to rediscover the lost material? Of course not. Still I don't stop trying - by copying technique and style - to bring the ancient cultures back to life. For reenactors, for decoration, for art and for the joy of weaving.

Some of my patterns are complicated, and some are very long. If you find  mistakes, can you please tell me? post@randistoltz.com)


Floats with three colours

To learn the technique, start with a small number of pattern tablets.

Øvre Berge 9 Easy




Øvre Berge 9 Blue

Øvre Berge 9 Yellow



Øvre Berge 11




Øvre Berge 16




Øvre Berge 21Blue




Øvre Berge 21Rød




Floats with four colours

The famous band from Snartemo, grave V, has 40 pattern tablets. It is a good idea to try a smaller band first. When you understand the logic of the technique, you are ready for any number of tablets.

Snartemo 11




Snartemo 16




Snartemo 21




Snartemo 21 Symmetrical





Diagonals and twill - four threads, two colours




Waves and triangles







Two threads - two vacant holes

  Cross, diamond and spiral



Four pattern tablets



Approaching Oseberg

Based on Sofie Krafft's drawings. The Oseberg textiles were in a better state when the find was fresh and the first investigations and drawings were made. Today most of them are more or less beyond reconstruction.

Serpent 1

Serpent 2















Fragment 7a




Pattern in Twisted Threads:

Oseberg inspiration Fragment 1

Oseberg inspiration Fragment 1 Small






  Fragment 4